User demo walkthrough

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Created: February 27, 2020 / Updated: February 28, 2020 / Status: finished / 2 min read (~247 words)

What should be defined to make a user demo walkthrough successful?

You need to define what you want to learn from the demo walkthrough: where does the user ask questions? where does he stay stuck? what is easy/hard for him to do? what does he think about when he goes through the demo? what is/isn't working? what frustrates him? where does the user want to have more guidance?

The user doing the walkthrough should be as close as possible to the ideal user otherwise you may get feedback that is biased on their own experience. A user with too much knowledge compared to your target user will be able to do many things your target user may need help with and they may assume a lot of things because they know about them. On the other hand, a user with too little knowledge will require help in many places where the target user is expected to have knowledge, which may make the demo walkthrough slower than desired.

The walkthrough should have a clear scenario. You may only give an initial setup to the user and a desired goal and let them figure everything out by themselves. You may also go with a more directed approach, where you tell them what to do and you see if the instructions are clear enough to accomplish the steps. The first approach is interesting because it allows you to observe variability in how to solve a problem.