New company onboarding

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Created: December 23, 2020 / Updated: February 21, 2021 / Status: draft / 1 min read (~180 words)
software development projects
  • Where to find the team documentation?
  • Team practices documentation
  • Common vocabulary, terminology, glossary
  • User definition, use cases, requirements
  • Where is the documentation to build projects?
  • One step build process
  • Access to CI/CD
  • Access to git central repository
  • Access to slack
  • Installation of development tools/languages
  • Where to find the tasks being worked on?
  • Where to find the team roadmap?
  • Who prioritizes things?
  • Determine where I can have the biggest impact
  • Determine a timeline where I'll have reached my 80/20 at the company
  • What is the maturity of existing projects?
  • How fast can we iterate on certain aspects given the team/company composition?
  • Who are the core/principal/staff contributors?
  • What is the architecture of the system?
  • What is the database architecture?
  • Is the product a monolith or micro-services?
  • What (3rd party) tools are used?