Incident investigation

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Created: April 14, 2022 / Updated: September 21, 2022 / Status: draft / 2 min read (~217 words)
  • Define the incident owner
  • Define the incident secretary/communicator
  • Create and document
    • Summary
    • Observations (link to metrics dashboards with absolute timestamps as much as possible)
      • Screenshots
        • Who took the screenshot
        • Link to get the graph/data
        • Associated conclusions
      • Links to logs
    • Hypotheses/theories
      • Who made them
      • When
      • If they have been validated/invalidated
    • The actions taken
      • By whom
      • If it had the desired effect
    • etc.
  • In the situation where an incident has been caused by the introduction of a code regression, revert the change and deploy as soon as possible
  • Start by reducing/relieving the impact of the incident before searching for a root cause
  • Use multiple data sources when data sources do not agree
  • Diagram all the implicated systems and the relationship to one another in order to identify the potential locations where the problem might be
  • Test your hypotheses to verify if they hold or not
  • Develop a procedure over time that can be followed to diagnose similar issues
  • Write down a list of improvement suggestions in order for the incident not to reproduce itself in the future or to lessen its impact

  • Once the incident is completed, have a summary of the conclusions at the top of the document with a link to the sections in the document explaining the rationale behind the conclusions