How to be the most unproductive

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Created: August 19, 2023 / Updated: January 12, 2024 / Status: draft / 1 min read (~165 words)
  • Do the same thing repeatedly
  • Sleep
  • Stay in bed
  • Eat/drink
  • Bathe/shower
  • Walk/transit/drive/bike
  • Consume instead of producing (Watch TV, read social media)
  • Over engineer solutions/perfectionism
  • Take a lot of time to think (about unlikely things that could happen)
  • Always change tasks, never completing existing ones
  • Stay away from anything that could lead to improvements (feedback, retrospective, introspection)
  • Deter other people from being productive
  • Waste other people's time
  • Invent problems that don't need to be solved
  • Have the same thought over and over, for hours
  • Make it harder for your future self to be productive (destroy relationships, delete work)
  • Get interrupted as frequently as possible
  • Work in reverse order of priorities, work on things with the lowest return on investment/opportunity cost
  • Have no goals, be all over the place
  • Get distracted by everything
  • Do not answer questions
  • Create burden for others
  • Help people who create unproductivity
  • Constantly change opinion/decision
  • Become reactive to problems