Monthly Archive for May, 2006

“Sitewide” PR

I was lurking in Graywolf’s SEO Blog when I realised his PR was rather constant. On each and every of his blog page you would find a PR of 4. Here’s what my explanations are: Google doesn’t differentiate from The question though is “Does Google see them as different pages, ALL with a PR of 4?” If so, this would lead to an interesting hole that could be exploited. I’ll give it a try and see if I can get better ranking just by using the same page which will provide different content based on the PHP variables.

K2 new slider option: killing your chances of getting spidered?

Well, it took me some time until I realise that this cool slider bar option as something negative about it: it hides contains from search engines spiders.

Using AJAX coding, the only one who can trigger the request to the server are the users, a bot wouldn’t be able to read any content except the one that’s appearing on the front page.

Is this going to kill my chances of getting spidered?
Actually yes. As the top navigation (the ­­Older and Newer links) are also programmed to trigger javascript, the spider cannot go anywhere. When it reads a # link, it just stays on the same page, no new content for the bot to read.

The thing though is that the spider can still view your list of latest post which are static. When they go to theses pages, nothing is in AJAX format, the links are all going to another post so it’s fine. The only impact the slider has is it removes a bit of power from your front page.

Cross-website feed

It’s been a long time since I wanted to put a feed of my others blog on each and every of them, pretty much like Engadget does. This way, when visitors go at the bottom of the page, they get to see my latest post in others topic: technology-science, humour and lifestyle, money making or self-improvement. I think this small addition (which took me near 2 hours to setup) will improve the number of visitors I will have as they will go from one site to another, if the subject interests them.

To set it up, I had to find a rss aggregator in order to get the rss feeds to show up on my page. OzPolitics WordPress plugin: aggregated blog feeds did this for me. It’s well written but I think that the way you show the rss feeds themselves is not that well designed. But anyway, I did with what I have. I wrote a small CSS code in order for the feeds to be beside each others and not all lined up, then changed the CSS code for the list so it shows squares instead of dots. Nothing complicated, it just takes time. + I had to do it on 4 blogs.

Well, I’m happy it’s done. I’ll wait for the results and see if there’s place for improvement.

Back from the exam

The exam was what I expected and I think I did fine.

For now, let’s have some fun.

I know that search engines loves when pages are well optimized and looking at my blog @, I saw how unoptimized it was even though it looked fine.

I went to the page source and looked at the page size: almost 40.0 KB of text. I started writing a “cloaker” script which would make smaller pages for search engine by removing the header and some navigation content which brought me to 21.5 KB of text. What a great bandwidth saving and page optimization at the same time. I’m now working on the part where it removes the comments. My test show that by removing the comments, I can go to a pagesize of 18.2 KB. Removing the ads: 16.7 KB.

The pages sure look ugly, but search engines spiders don’t care. They want the actual content, not the HTML formatting (except maybe the title, h1, h2 and such). From 40.0 KB I went to 16.7 KB, saving 58.3% in bandwidth. This will also assure me to get better ranking in search engines as the stuff their spider sees is near the top.

I’ll make the script available as soon as there aren’t anymore bugs when the page convert. So stay tuned.

Last exam and what’s next

Yea, physics and I’m done!

I’ve been studying all day yesterday and even though there’s some stuff I still don’t understand, I feel confident enough to take the exam at 14:00 today. I “might” report later on today.

As I’ve already mentioned the lot of work that is waiting for me after this exam, I’ve realized there’s other stuff that needs to be done. I have a directory called Node Ultra where I list websites from people that submit there. I haven’t really taken the time to check each website individually to make sure the content is good or not and if it’s listed in the right category. I’ll have to do that, but before, I also need to restructure the database itself because there’s a lack of proper categories.

Then I’ll modify the PHPLD script so it gives better ranking for those who’ll reciprocal link the directory. Here’s why: by linking to my directory, it’s giving me better placement in search engines, thus giving better chances for those who reciprocated the links to get found. By the way, I’ll keep featured link first as those people pay for their place. I’ll try to improve the script so it really stand out from the rest of the directories already available (and using the same script).

When this will be done, I’ll finally be able to review each and every website submitted to my directory so far. There’s already about 400 links there so it will take me a bit of time especially if I take ~5 min per website which would make 33.3 hours of work.

As Node Ultra will keep growing, I hope it’ll gain some “respect” and also some PageRank which would help to get the number of daily submission to increase by a lot.

Here’s how the paying is working: For the moment, to give me momentum, I’ve started with a 2$ price for each featured website. When 25 websites have been registered, the price increase to 4$. Then 8$, then 16$, and then we’ll see. I might go for 32$ or 29.95 $ as everyone’s doing (haha, let’s feel we’re part of the group) and occassionally I’ll be throwing out some 5$/featured some days. But this is all if the directory keeps growing and especially if it’s getting good ranking. But I’m sure it will.

Later on today I’ll be working this out and I’ll keep you guys updated about it.

Don’t forget to grab yourself a featured link there before the price starts to increase,